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Maths and English Tutors - The Tuition Place

 Maths and English Tutor 1

Term 1 2020

Term 4 is the best time to be a Tuition Place student. The speed of new things happening at school and at The Tuition Place, is usually reduced in Term 4. This allows us to centre the tuition more on you, on what your needs are rather than what is required at school. At a time when others might be falling off the pace you can be surging ahead.

Your Tuition Place Maths and English tutors will help you to consolidate the gains of the year and set you up for a successful, enjoyable 2020.


Get things Finished

Excellent learning requires that final step of going over things again to make sure they stick.Maths and English Tutor 2

During Term 4 at The Tuition Place we can complete topics and skill development that we didn't have time to finish earlier in the year because of pressure from school. Maths and English Tutor 3

We can also consolidate all of the gains of the year, leaving you with a solid foundation for what comes next. The best foundation is one that is based on confidence and mastery. Term 4 tuition has the power to achieve those things.


End of Year Tests

Teachers will usually do several assessments during Term 4. These assessments will often decide the future paths of students.   Some of those assessments, particularly in high school, can be in the first few weeks of the term. Others can be quite late and can be in the form of informal tests and observations. The specific nature of Tuition Place tuition allows it to be customised to give you the best possible assistance with these assessments at just the time it is most needed.

A Quiet Time

Term 4 is typically quiet at The Tuition Place. The main reason for that is that all of the Year 12 students finish. the tutors have more time to attend to your special needs.