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Address: Unit 18 The Broadwalk,(Opposite the Discount Pharmacy)
458 High Street, Penrith, NSW 2750

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Your Local Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre

The Tuition Place specialises in Maths Tuition and English Tuition.

The Tuition Place has been helping the children of the Penrith area for almost 25 years. It is  independent and local.  This gives you three important advantages:

  • *   Teaching methods and resources are tailored for the children of the Penrith area, not dictated by a franchisor from far away (Sometimes overseas!). Ours is a tuition centre that is dedicated to providing for your specific needs.
  • *  If you have special requirements, things can be adapted for you quickly. New resources can be created or purchased without restriction. Franchisees are often prevented from using anything but the franchisor's products.
  •  *  The tuition is more affordable, because a big chunk of what you pay doesn't go straight to a franchisor.

The Tuition Place uses the very latest in edTuition Centreucational resources and combines it with the friendly assistance of highly trained tutors.  The tutors use a revolutionary multi-stage teaching/learning system that quickly improves knowledge and skills while developing self confidence and encouraging students to enjoy the learning process.

The founder of The Tuition Place tuition centre, Ted Strahan, has been tutoring children in Penrith for over 24 years.  In that time, the most important skill he has attained is an ability to seek out and fill in 'holes', the missed knowledge, methods and concepts from the past that undermine confidence in what is being attempted in the present. This is vital to any successful teaching/learning process.

Resources and the teaching methods used at The Tuition Place tuition centre are updated regularly. (See News for the latest additions.) They can also be adapted to suit your specific needs. the trained tutors are dedicated to giving you the best possible tuition service. It is a tuition service that promotes knowledge, skills and self-confidence, but also encourages you to enjoy the learning process. Emphasis is on what is important to you and on what will most encourage you to thrive.

The Tuition Place is situated in The Broadwalk, High St Penrtih. There is dependable, secure parking just a few steps away, in Judges Place Car Park.

Weekly lessons at The Tuition Place are designed to make students thrive.  They are also very competitively priced.  To find out more, call us after 3.30pm on  4722 3039  or  0416 018 716, or go to Contact Us.

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