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Address: Unit 18 The Broadwalk,(Opposite the Discount Pharmacy)
458 High Street, Penrith, NSW 2750

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The Tuition Place, Penrith

Fun, Joy and Success!!

The Very Best Personalised, Face to Face Tuition in Maths and English, as well as Special Education

At The Tuition Place, making learning fun is our ultimate goal. We provide Maths tuition and English tuition that caters for your individual needs, leading to speedy progress towards your goals. You can go from hating school to loving it! Our highly trained, caring tutors use unique, sensationally effective multistage teaching methodologies to help students improve learning outcomes. Tuition at The Tuition Place:

  • Builds skills and knowledge
  • Develops confidence
  • Encourages you to enjoy the learning process

Apart from helping students in after school tuition, we  also have a strong team providing excellent assistance to students who have special needs, such as learning difficulties, autism, anxiety, ADHD etc. We have tutors who are qualified NSW classroom teachers and they have undergone special education training. In more than 20 years, we have helped hundreds of students from a broad variety of spectrum to achieve better education outcomes!


You can end the struggle to keep up with what is happening at school!


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Maths Tuition and English Tuition

About Us

The Tuition Place was founded by an excellent NSW educator, Mr Ted Strahan( BSc BA Dip Ed), who has more than 25 years experience in providing an outstanding standard of Maths tuition and English tuition to children of the Penrith area.

Please ring us on (02) 4722 3039 or 0416 018 716 to arrange a no-obligation free assessment and free first lesson.

The Tuition Place Is A Place Where You Will Thrive!

Whether you are struggling, an advanced student or anything in between, The Tuition Place has the resources to provide you with the best possible maths tuition or English tuition. Contact us for a no-obligation, free assessment and introductory lesson.

The Tuition Place is not a member of a franchise. It is your local tuition centre. This provides many advantages. The most important of these advantages is the ability to adapt resources and teaching techniques so that your needs are specifically addressed. Our tuition is designed and centred around you, not the dictates of a distant franchisor.

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Tuition Services

Mathematics is unique in that the mastery of any part of it depends very much on first being confident with what has come before. Twenty five years of experience has allowed us to develop resources and teaching methods that make our maths tuition totally effective. It improves knowledge and skills, develops self confidence and encourages you to enjoy and appreciate mathematics. It is so important that you are introduced to every concept or method at your level and proceed at your pace. This makes it so much easier to get your skills to the level you want them to be.

Our English tuition concentrates on skills. As with maths, it is important to be introduced to each skill at your level and proceed at your pace. It is also very important to seek to balance the different skills. You don't want one skill to be ahead or behind the others. If, for example, you are a wonderful reader, but have trouble with comprehension, it will be very frustrating, because you will not not fully understand what you are reading.

If you are behind, ahead or in between, Tuition Place maths tuition and English tuition can give you the advantage you are looking for.

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