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Literacy, put simply, is the ability to read and write. It involves all of the skills necessary to interpret and use language confidently. It is the art of communication and so is essential for effective participation in society. It is also an important foundation for successful learning of many other skills. Often trouble with maths, for example, results from poor comprehension skills. Confidence and fluency with literacy is the first important skill needed for success in every school subject. Later on, when you become an adult, literacy skills will be something that you make use of every day.

At The Tuition Place we have an eclectic approach to the teaching of literacy. At every stage we endeavour to develop skills that involve:

  • Phonics: The ability to sound out words.

  • Sight words: An extensive vocabulary of words that are known off by heart.

  • English conventions: All the different ways that English puts letters together to form words - the rules, the exceptions.

  • Reading in context: The ability to deduce the meanings of words from their position in a text.


All of this teaching is done using our six-stage learning environment that achieves permanent mastery of skills, confidence in applying skills and encourages enjoyment of the learning process.

Literacy tuition can be undertaken as part of our English program, or as a separate course. Everything can be tailored exactly to your needs.

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