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Tuition Place News

We're looking forward to a successful, fun time ahead.

1/3, 2018: The Term is in Full Swing!

As children transition into a new year group they face unique atmospheres and degrees of freedom. Teachers of each year also approach things with a unique preconception of the stage of development of their students. The Tuition Place will provide you with the assistance, support and advice you need to succeed in this new learning environment.

Term 1, 2018: Lots of Changes

Many things change as you go into the new school year. Your new teacher will try to spend time revising the previous year's work. Then will come what can be a bewildering array of new things. There will be new concepts to master, a new environment to adapt to and new assessments to prepare for.

Your Tuition Place tuition will support you in facing all of this with confidence, allowing you to have a successful, enjoyable year.

Latest Improvements

Just completed: a set of activities to help with numeracy skills. Addition and subtraction skills and fact families.

Coming Dates

* Thursday 1 February - the first day of Tuition Place lessons for Term 1 2018.

Lost Something?

If you think you may have left something behind during one of your lessons, look on top of the white cupboard in the waiting room.

High School Students:

If you have exams coming up, find out when they are on and exactly what is in them. Let your tutor know.

Cool Video

Here is a cool video about Pythagoras' Rule. This old Maths teacher

couldn't help but include it on this page.

Pythagoras Video

(After you've watched the video, click on the Back arrow to return to The Tuition Place.)