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We're looking forward to a successful, fun time ahead.



Council work means the eastern entrance to Judges Place Car Park is closed for a while. The western entrance, accessed from the Union Road roundabout, is still open though.


Teaching high school maths by the topic can lead to failure.Maths Coaching

Our brains are programmed to start forgetting things immediately we learn them. If you don't revisit them soon, a large part of the benefit is lost. Often students are learning a new topic while they are forgetting the previous one. Pressure on teachers to get ahead can make systematic revision difficult.



Slow learner?

In 24 years as a tutor I have found every reason to be optimistic about slow learners. Two of these reasons:

1. Slow learners may take longer, but they can get there! I havLiteracy and Numeracye never reached the point where I have said to myself "That's it. This student can't progress any further."

2. I have observed many times that slow learners, when they master something, tend to master it better than quick learners

Have a good day.



Term 3 is when you can really find out that you are having a successful year. It is when all the skills, topics and areas of study begin to come together and make sense, when all the little things you have mastered one-at-a-time need to be melded together and understood as a unit. For many students this is the hardest part of the learning process, but a very important part for success in major exams and for laying a foundation for future progress.

The individual nature of lessons at The Tuition Place ensure that you are able to achieve this broad understanding and gain confidence and fulfilment in knowing that you are having a successful year..



Term 3 is approaching. It is a term when teachers need to make sure that everything is covered. If things have fallen behind, catching up will need to be done. This is the "no excuses" term. Everything has to be completed. There is also less time to revise what is being taught during Term 3.

Your Tuition Place lessons will help you keep up with what can be a bewildering array of new skills and concepts that need to be mastered pretty much immediately.


And so the term is coming to an end. And what a term it has been! Not one student is at the same place they were at the beginning of the term. They have all made incredible progress at their own pace and every parent should be proud. 

Finally, it is time for a well deserved break. We hope that everyone enjoys Easter with family and other loved ones. Looking forward to exciting things in the term ahead!

The lack of homework throughout the holidays means that reading is important. make sure you reserve time to read, especially younger students.

Again, happy Easter!


Does your child struggle with mathematics? What about English? How about a bit of both? At The Tuition Place, we know that sometimes, children need assistance with more than one aspect of their schooling. But more often than not, two or three-hour lessons are not possible. Speak to us today, to find out how we can tailor our lessons to give your child assistance in various subjects. This might be through doing 30-45 minute lessons in both maths and English or alternating between subjects from week to week, or term to term.  It is our goal to create the most effective structure for your child as an individual. 


Repetition is extremely important when it comes to mastering a specific skill. If students receive similar, or even the same homework two weeks in a row don't be alarmed! it just means we need the repeated practice of a skill in order to really cement it! Additionally, at home, get your child to go through their homework more than once. For example, if they have a spelling list, try to go through it every day or every two days. This helps speed the learning process along and create the best possible results. Repeat, repeat repeat!


Sometimes students struggle to learn when they are disinterested in a subject. Especially when it comes to reading. Students seem to catch on far quicker if they are reading about something they really love. If your child has any specific interests or hobbies make sure you let us know. We believe that tailoring our lessons to the individual student, their tastes and preferences are the best way to get the results you want! Additionally, if your child loves a specific book, bring it in! We can create a ehole range of activities to match their favourite books including comprehension, sentence structures and word skills.


Writing is a critical skill that all students require in order to succeed, as it is applied in all areas of learning. At the same time, it is probably the hardest skill to master. Our English tutors are highly skilled writers that have extensive experience in many forms of writing. This includes various text forms such as procedures, expositions, explanations, discussions and narratives for junior students as well as essays, short responses and creative writing for senior students. Ask us how we can help improve your child's writing today!


Thanks for everyone for such a great start to the term! We are looking forward to developing our relationships with our existing students and learning all about our new ones! If you know someone that you think would benefit from tutoring at The Tuition Place be sure to let them know!


Unfortunately, all holidays must come to an end, but The Tuition Place is excited to jump right back into learning! We will be commencing classes on Monday 4th Feb and are looking forward to seeing students, old and new, in the coming weeks.


Even though there is still plenty of school holiday time left, we hope that students are starting to thinking about going back to school and this year's academic goals. In particular, it is important that senior students begin to think about their goals regarding the HSC. We have amazing tutors which are equipped to teach a range of HSC subjects including mathematics, English, science and the Humanities. Be sure to contact us so that your child can get the results they want across all of their HSC subjects.


Happy New Year to everyone! We hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year and continue to enjoy their summer break. For The Tuition Place, 2019 will be a year for smashing goals and creating significant progress with our amazing students. Through ongoing training and development, our tutors are getting even better and will strive to make 2019 a great academic year.

23/12 2018:

Thanks to everyone for such an incredible 2018. We have seen so much progress and growth in all of our students and could not be more proud. We would also like to wish everyone an amazing Christmas and a happy new year! We know that 2019 will be a great year and we are excited to see both new students and old in the coming year! 

5/12 2018:

Just one of the lovely reviews we have received:

"The Tuition Place is one of the best tutoring experiences we have had! The girls are always excited to go, the tuition is fun using technology and face to face work, and is one of the most budget friendly places around whilst maintaining great quality. You wont be disappointed with the Tuition place."

The Tuition Place strives to deliver the highest quality tuition to students in the Penrith area. We love getting feedback like this and work hard to maintain great results with our students. 

4/12 2018:

As students enter their senior years, they will be challenged by new concepts and methods which cannot be mastered simply through the memory of facts. This has become especially true with the new senior syllabus, which has been deliberately created to limit the rote learning of essays for HSC exams. Students are required to think critically, reflect and respond in a sophisticated way. This is an important skill which is hard for some students to grasp. The Tuition Place has talented tutors who are well equipped to teach these skills to senior students, providing them with the confidence to succeed in English and other writing based subjects. 

28/11 2018:

"You may not be there yet. but you're closer than you were yesterday."

We know that sometimes learning new skills and concepts can be extremely challenging. It can be frustrating for students when they cannot master a concept straight away, or feel like they are behind their peers. Although learning can feel like a slow process, every minute equals process. Our talented tutors create lessons that cater to a student's individual needs to ensure they make the most efficient use of their time and catch up as soon as possible. 

22/11 2018:

The school environment is one in which children develop many important skills, constantly surrounded by friends and peers. However, at times this social environment can make it difficult for some students to focus, which can have a significant effect on the child's mastering of basic skills and concepts as well as more complex ideas. The Tuition Place provides individualised support to students who may have fallen behind at school or to those who need the one-on-one, distraction-free support that is not provided at school. Additionally, The Tuition Place can help high performing students who want to further advance and expand their existing skills.

14/11 2018: Congratulations Year 12 Students!

The Tuition Place would like to congratulate all of our year 12 students who have finally completed their HSC exams. The past year was a challenge for each of them in many different ways, but each student worked extremely hard. It was a pleasure watching their skills develop and amazing to see them smashing their goals. Good luck to you all! We know that you will succeed in whatever you try!

30/10 2018: Term 4! The best time to be a student at The Tuition Place!

The speed in which teachers introduce new concepts often slows down during the final term of the year. This provides the perfect opportunity to concentrate on difficult concepts and catch up on lost time. This will ensure students remain up-to-date and in line with (or ahead of) the rest of their cohort!

12/9 2018: A special offer!

Do you know anyone who would benefit from The Tuition Place? A brother? A sister? Cousin? Friend? Neighbour? By referring someone you know, both of you will pay only $290 for term 4!

Call us, or come in to get this special deal!

(9 x 1 hour lessons for Kindergarten to year 10 only)

2/7 2018: Term 3: an important time for senior students!

It probably goes without saying that term three is an extremely important time for year 11 and 12 students.

Year 11 students: This is their last term of year 11! Senior courses have been effectively designed so that they begin year 12 after having mastered foundational skills throughout year 11. It is important that students have a strong grasp of this content before they move on to their final year of school.

Year 12 students: This is their final term before exams! This is a stressful and overwhelming time period for even the highest achieving students, and it is vital students create a balance between work, study and play in order to achieve the best possible results.

The Tuition Place specialises in providing guidance to senior students, so that they can gain a strong understanding of course content and achieve the results they want.

26/6 2018: Welcome to Term 3!

Its great to see everyone back this week after what we hope was an excellent break!

Term 3 is an extremely important time where students will learn what often seems to be a bewildering array of new skills and concepts. The Tuition Place is here to assist students in cementing skills from terms 1 & 2 while also assisting in teaching these new skills quickly and effectively. 

1/5 2018: Surviving the Stampede!

After spending the majority of term 1 revising last year's work, teachers will be keen to get through a huge amount of of new skills, topics and areas of study in term 2. Sometimes it can feel as though there is a stampede of new, complex ideas coming to students all at once! The Tuition place will help students with this stress and assist them in keeping up or catching up on things they may have missed. 

17/5 2018: Assessment Time

There are often lots of exams and assessments during term two. Teachers need to have everything ready for half-yearly reports at the end of term

If you students have the right skills and confidence, they can enjoy completing assessments, achieve good grades from them and learn a lot in the process.

Th Tuition Place lessons assist students in accumulating these skills and developing confidence. Students have access to support and advice that will contribute to this success!

10/5 2018: Confidence is key!

Confidence is the most important ingredient for success this year. It is essential for success that students are settled to confidently tackle their school work. English and maths assistance at the Tuition Place is a wonderful head start in gaining this self-confidence. Our talented tutors are here to help in building these skills!

3/5 2018: Welcome back! Term 2 here we come!

We are so happy to see everyone back this week after what we hope was a relaxing and enjoyable break for all. We have lots of things to do this term, including a specific focus on NAPLAN skills for students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9. Assessments are important this term, as well as preparation for half yearly exams. Students are more than welcome to bring in assignments and school work for extra assistance from their tutors.

1/3, 2018: The Term is in Full Swing!

As children transition into a new year group they face unique atmospheres and degrees of freedom. Teachers of each year also approach things with a unique preconception of the stage of development of their students. The Tuition Place will provide you with the assistance, support and advice you need to succeed in this new learning environment.

Term 1, 2018: Lots of Changes

Many things change as you go into the new school year. Your new teacher will try to spend time revising the previous year's work. Then will come what can be a bewildering array of new things. There will be new concepts to master, a new environment to adapt to and new assessments to prepare for.

Your Tuition Place tuition will support you in facing all of this with confidence, allowing you to have a successful, enjoyable year.

Latest Improvements

Just completed: a set of activities to help with numeracy skills. Addition and subtraction skills and fact families.

Coming Dates

* Term 2 2018: Ten weeks - Monday 30th April to Saturday 7th July. 

Lost Something?

If you think you may have left something behind during one of your lessons, look on top of the white cupboard in the waiting room.

High School Students:

If you have exams coming up, find out when they are on and exactly what is in them. Let your tutor know.

Cool Video

Here is a cool video about Pythagoras' Rule. This old Maths teacher

couldn't help but include it on this page.

Pythagoras Video

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